4 Steps


Step 1: Thumbnails

Step 2: Reference

Step 3: Pencils

Step 4: Inks

The final piece was done using masking fluid and ink with a brush. Be forewarned masking fluid is great for detail, but it’s rubber/latex, it dries quickly and destroys brushes, don’t use a brush you like.


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Gold inlaid pinfire revolver with ivory grips.  Mid 19th century.

(Source: rockislandauction.com)


Four versions of “The rape of Europa” by Valentin Serov, 1910

Valentin Serov made a journey to Greece with his friend Leon Bakst in 1907. He was impressed by the archaic preclassic Greek and Mycenaean art. Returning home, he began to work on the decorative panel and made several sketches of “The rape of Europa”. His idea was to create grand complete style as he saw it in Greece. But his sudden death in 1911 stopped this realization. 

And Bakst painted his famous “Terror Antiquus” after this travel.


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